Ever feel like you missed out on learning things about money? Skipped a few lessons at school that wealthier people didn’t?

You’re not alone.

Everyone’s got gaps in their financial knowledge and decision making ability. It’s what you do when you find those gaps that counts. Money101 is here to help you learn how to make better financial decisions.

What you learn in the same time it takes to make a cuppa, feed the dog or decide what to wear could save (or make) you thousands of dollars in the future.

MyMoney101 is the hub for all Money101 courses including our sub-brands SMSF101 and Financial Crimes101. Check out the titles on the ‘Explore Units’ page to see what’s right for you. Once you’ve purchased a unit or two, you can start learning right away.


We’re here for the self-starters, the battlers, the doers, families, young singles, older Aussies; anyone who’s ready to take the plunge and start learning about money. Our online financial education is interactive, fun, and effective.

Best of all, it’s accessible; you can learn on pretty much any device, anywhere you can get online. It’s for everyone – not just folks who can already talk the talk when it comes to super, investing, retirement, budgeting, and other essentials.